Issue with my blue acara


2 Sep 2017
Stockport UK
Evening all

Hoping I can get some advice on my five month old wild type blue acara, who until recently was doing very well but has started swimming erratically over the last 3 weeks.

I've never seen anything like it, she swims with her tail down, mostly around the bottom of the tank and appears to have very little ability to control her tail. She's showing no other symptoms, comes up for food and is actually fairly active albeit that she's got this strange method of swimming she has adopted. Her colours are really good and were it not for her swimming I'd have no reason to be concerned.

I originally thought it could be an injury (although there's no other marks on her) as I do keep other cichlids in this tank, but I would have thought that after a couple of weeks there would be some improvement. It's not an aggressive tank in any event, although they do have the odd squabble, but I think I was just grasping at straws thinking it could be an injury.

Any ideas? I've done some Googling and saw a similar story regarding a fish breaking its back! Hoping it's not that in any case, but I'd a bit lost!


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