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java moss


12 Jul 2008
welling kent..
just wondering....if any body could recommend an easy growin moss...and if so..where i could purchase it.
thanks for your time....passerby
I think you've answered your own question with the post title :) Java moss is pretty easy to grow, as are most mosses to be honest.

Ebay has a lot of mosses, but GreenLine is selling portions of Xmas moss quite cheap too. You could also post a wanted thread in the Buy/Sell/Swap forum, I'm sure there's lots of mosses around on the forum that people will be able to send you free/cheap :)
I'd echo Steves comments. You will find that some mosses grow at different speeds. So if you are looking to cover a large area that is good to bear in mind. (Flame moss is noticeably slower for me) I have gone for little bits of different mosses all over the tank rather than a large cover of one particular type. I don't have any spare right now, but probably will in a couple of weeks. If you can't wait that long head over to the wants\swaps section :)
cheers for your replys.....i will head over..to the wanted section..wish me luck.. thanks for the advice given, i had an idea about java moss being the easiest to grow..its a nano tank ive got at the moment meaning..i dnt need loads. i now feel i should go with more than one type of moss to create a better lookin tank and experiment with moss to see what i like due to i have not actually seen any moss in person..only on the internet..lol

thanks for your time....passerby