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Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by thewelshwonder, 27 Mar 2009.

  1. thewelshwonder

    thewelshwonder Member

    26 Mar 2009
    Hi guys wondered if anyone here uses one of these?,i bought one 2 days ago and i,m having problems getting the unit to knock off the co2 supply,the unit has a built in solinoid,the instruction for the auto ph setting asks you to check the kh in the tank input this into the computer and the computer sets the optimum ph for your kh,i've done this the kh in the tank is 7 and the optimum ph value calculated is 6.97,but the unit wont allow the ph to go below 7,it also allows you to alter the switching points at which the co2 is supposed to be switched off i.e 0.05 under the optimum ph but this isnt working either cause the ph wont drop below 7, any ideas on what could be wrong? the ph probe was new and the one for the system. thanks in advance Dean.
  2. BINKSY1973

    BINKSY1973 Member

    13 Nov 2008
  3. Hoskins

    Hoskins Member

    15 Nov 2008
    Dispite what was said in the in the thread provided to you, I have subsequently found that it works very well for me and the results speak for them selves especially at TGM but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    As to your problem if the calculated optimum PH is 6.97 by default it will not close the valve until the PH reduces to 6.87

    I assume that you have calbrated the probe okay.

    Therefore if the valve is staying open and continuing to provide CO2 to the tank but is not reducing below a PH of 7 it sounds like you need to increase your bubble rate slightly.

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