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Journal of our five tanks

Hi all!

Its time to update, at least there is something to update now. Summer went pretty well without adding any kind of Co2 but as summer turned into autumn and all green was gone from the garden, I felt myself very very shortage of green and desided to start EC for three tanks (in order to get some green faster as first aid):, 600l wich was replanted two weeks ago (after taking all plants exept a small sword away at the beginning of the summer as it turned to be just-wood-wanna-be-amazonbiotope), sons 300l and kitchens nano wich was given me as a birthdaypresent in september (so the 60l was sold away). As said, 600l was replanted two weeks ago and just yesterday I plant more, also waiting2x Echinodorus argentinensis (wrong name) and 2x E grandiflorus from Germany. There must be a mistake naming these swords, but hopefully other one will be a real Argentine sword (actually E grandiflorus (ssp grandiflorus)) wich Im looking for! Two weeks ago I also did some rearrangements in filtration, here more (How to...) Get rid of filtration | UK Aquatic Plant Society. Well, the right thread is "How to get rid of mechanical (or electrical) filters", not filtration!

I know, I know...we all like pics, so you are welcome: sorry the poor quality

600l as of yesterday, water is bit cloudy and tank messy after planting session, first some underwater sights with just "moonlightning" (IRL more shady than in pics!). Swords will be planted at the back of the tank


250l wich Im very pleased with, thou its now a bit naked after major trim, the first pic is taken before trim, a bit overgrown... This time I had glass on the tank, now without. its still under construction, Im waiting Micranthemum umbrosum arriving today, going to plant it emersed, Ficus is expected to grow etcetc. There lives 15 black ghosts, 5 jaguar cories and a pack of six Vietnamese Multi Banded Zebra Loachs.


Ludisia growing in water, about to bloom (as Anthurium next to it), right some species tiny orchid (name??? Forgot!), wich has not bloomed yet.

To be honest, the thread is wrong since only sons 45l and the 250l (^) are running without EasyCarbo, they are not low-tecs anymore. I will change the name of the thread. And oh, we have started to collect rainwater in order to lower high ECs (850is uSv at highest) with a fantastic results, now we are at 150-400uSv. I have ordered RO from Germany but still waiting... Idea is to use 50/50 or 60/40 ro-tap-mix.

Will update sons tanks and kitchen nano soon, cheers,

Nice tanks! You should upload bigger photos, to make it more enjoyable

Thanks! Ok, I will! But this time just small ones...as I just resized them into small! Well, to be honest, the truth is that pics are better in quality when edited smaller. Yes, its all about my poor skills!

Hi all!

Everything is fine with the new veggiefilters and all. I got my RO-unit (JBL max 130l/day) and swords from Germany few days ago. RO is right now working for first day and...oh man...so much waste water! I knew, I knew it so dont worry. Some updates, Im pleased with plants growth, you are welcome: BTW, isnt green wonderful colour, I think its all we need?!?!

600l as of today: Nepenthes, pitcher plants, just loooove to grow by water, thou they do hang above the water level. Cups are in very good condition after being so poor and dried when buying them. They are flourishing, as orchids as well, too. Im suprised how well Ludisia, Juwel orchid, grows hydro! There wasnt any kind of problem to remove it from soil to lecahydro, whereas most plants do show that they are a bit disturbed because of the transition.In the veggieboxes (=hydroboxes on both side of the tank) are now growing Spathiphyllums, Cirithas, Echinodorus, Lobelias, Hemianthus, Ludisia and Anthuriums. I think I will need something more but its fun to plan things with plenty of time! The left side box is a bit shady, so well see... On the right side are windows facing south. I got 2x Echinodorus argentiniensis (false latin name) and 2x E grandifolius from Germany, so excited to wait them grow emersed. I would be more than happy to hear if someone has some experience about them. They say that they will grow faster emersed if photoperiod is minimum 12 hours, I have about 8 (3+5) now, so maybe its time to prolong it?


250l above, still bit naked but Ficus is doing her job... And some details:Lobelia learned to grow emersed, with some just arrived Hemianthus around it,


Kitchen nano, sorry poor quality but Im sure you will get the idea. i started started EasyCarbo with it too about month ago, have no idea why because it was pretty healthy even without it. Maybe I want prune more....? That must be it, theres nothing to do in the garden right now! All frozen out there, you see.


All tips, ideas and critisism is welcome, feel free to comment!

Thx and cheers my friends,