Journal of The Big Tank.


I also need to get the plants in before the Discus. They get a little upset with hands in their water. Skittish blighters :)

The livestock will be
6 Discus, already got.
I’d suggest at least twice that many discus - you don’t mention age/size but young discus especially do “better” in relatively small overstocked tanks (with loads of water changes)
Even adult discus would prefer greater numbers

Though if you do decide to add more discus, plan to quarantine new fish for 2 months, and even then, begin by introducing 1 or your established fish into the Q tank, wait another 2-4 weeks before placing all discus into the same tank etc
There are various versions of this method, and some get away with mixing new/old discus .... until they don’t :(

Still worth a read (and print out) even if you can’t access the various medications discussed

by Dionigi Maladorno

Very kindly hosted by Dave Hardy :thumbup:

Also worth a read
(unfortunately this website has changed significantly after several ”hacks”)

ETA note the complete lack of “Beef Heart” used by this very successful discus breeder/importer
From a biochemistry standpoint, feeding mammalian fats/proteins to fish results in unusual macro/micro findings ... the first fish version of atherosclerosis was noted in Discus fed diets incorporating Beef Heart (there were other anomalies as well)
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Argos play sand substrate, not too deep as no plants will be planted in it
I’d suggest a very thin layer, maybe 1cm
It only needs to cover the bottom, with maybe a couple deeper areas if the Corydoras are actively sand sifting

Keep extra sand on hand so you can switch out old for new (if you like) - just wash well before adding into the tank (there are loads of videos on adding sand into running tanks - with minimal release of fines into water column)

Don’t forget you can also place mosses and epiphytes on various sized stones and place these about the tank
Hint: remove moss stone for trimming elsewhere!

(Edited to remove that surprise! :()
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24 Lemon Tetras
24 Black Neons


50 Cardinal Tetras.
I’d suggest a higher bodied tetra such as the Lemons or Black Phantoms etc - check temperature ranges of whichever fish you choose (depending how warm you intend to keep your discus)

Slender bodied tetras are more likely to eventually become discus fodder (who doesn’t like a good hunt now and again :angelic: though again YMMV)

I’d likely just add one tetra etc species

(note that discus are often less than thrilled by tankmates - the “community” discus tank is definitely for the Hobbyist :))

I’d likely add more Corydoras - more Sterbai or another suitable species group of 11 etc


Morning Alto :)

I won`t be adding more Discus, I have had these for about 2 years or there abouts, a good size and all get one reasonably well, as well as Discus get on anyway :) I would rather have a small group of happy fish than a large group that I then may have to rehome some.

Don’t forget you can also place mosses and epiphytes on various sized stones and place these about the tank

I have been looking through my rock collection for this very reason 👍

I’d likely add more Corydoras

They are breeding slowly but surely, I only added 6 originally :)

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