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Krib and German blue rams.


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23 Apr 2021
Hi everyone. I have a situation if anyone can help?

I bought a second hand tank that ended up coming with fish as I was ambushed by the seller when picking up who said he didn't know what he was going to do with the fish.

Got the 60 litre tank home with plants already in and when I filled up I found 8 quite large kribensis. I moved them to my 240 litre until I could rehome them. Managed to re-home them but one was missing on moving day. A week later I found the female alive in the fx4 filter. My partner fell in love with this fish as she said it had hidden because it didn't want to leave 😂. I now have the single female krib in the 240 litre. With 12 green neon tetra, 6 rummy nose, 8 Oto's and 8 bronze Cory's

In my 55 litre tank I have just purchased a juvenile pair of German blue rams and was hoping to put them into the 240 litre after quarantine.

Is there any chance the krib will be ok with this or will I have to argue with my other half about rehoming?

Pic 8s of the 240 litre. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers 👍


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13 Jul 2020
I think you will probably be alright since it is a lone krib - kribs are known for being very agressive, but this is almost exclusively when they breed, and since you don't have a pair there won't be any of that! And the tank is a good size for sharing.

It might help to add more cave-like structures or hiding places in the 240, so if there are any arguments there are easy places to go. An easy way to do that without changing the hardscape is just to add a few big handfuls of dried leaves and/or botanicals to the tank, they are temporary but they add a nice natural feel, and the otos will enjoy eating them.