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Large rescape issues


New Member
16 Jun 2020
Hi all, this site was recomended by scaped nature, norwich and im a total newbie to aquascaping and aquariums really in general (last tank was around 14 years ago)
I remember some stuff so ive got the basics.
Anyway we set up a basic tank last september. So its more or less established. Ive played around a lot in this time. And 2 weeks ago i ditched the ornaments and said right we are going fully natural wood rock real plants....so, i stripped it removed fish. Down to the fine gravel which i added more to elevate the rear. Sansibar i think its called. Ive added dragoh stone a fair bit. And new wood. Anyway in doing all this i seem to have caused a bacterial bloom thought ok never mind done frequent water changes large ones twice a week. Added pure aquarium balls to filter to increase bacteria. Reduced feeding.

This is 2 weeks on. As of today i didnt feed fish dor 2 days and tank cleared up vurtually anyway. So i decided to feed a little flake and 2 bottom feeder pellets. And boom white and cloudy. So ive donr another watwr change. Had a tamper for arrangments etc etc. Filled back up and again white.

Ive used api declor. 1 cap of flourish excel i have root tabs. And a disposable co2 as im new at co2 so went for cheap one for now. These arw the new things dohe in last 2 weeks. Oh and its a juwel lido 200 litre. Running an eheim 4+350 external canister. I also dose a little micro ferts by feropol?

Anyway any suggestions would be appreciated and please keep it simple or explain well lol.
Thanks for your time.
15 Jun 2020
light on for 8 hours? keep doing daily excel, maybe overdose depending upon how many plants you have, ive heard no more than triple dosing with excel.

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