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Discussion in 'Off Topic / Chit-Chat' started by James_Kye, 10 Feb 2009.

  1. James_Kye

    James_Kye Member

    Well i thought i should introduce my self ( even though i have been here a day or so now )

    My name is James and i live up here in Scotland.
    I am returning to planted aquariums after the loss of my marine system which hurt a lot as it lost me over £3000 of stock.
    the tropical hobby has some what changed since i had left many moons ago , infact last tank i had was a 6ft planted tank but plants chucked in and rocks chucked in and T8 lights , with way to many fish and all species of fish basically. ( this was while i was young and at school ) and going of the info of one of my brothers.

    anyway a little more about me , i recently started up my own business as glass engraving. offering general glasswares ,, paintings. but i also take on private commissions for all occasions be it items for sale on forums , weddings , birthdays etc that kind of thing. i done some glass coasters many years back for the last tropical forum i used and they were popular.
    but that was when it was a hobby of mine , as i say it is now a business and i have never been happier in my self. its been the best thing i have ever done. not for everyone as its not the easiest of things at time. but it is a fantastic feeling knowing i have produced something that has then been sold or a customer has come to me.
    some of my other hobbies include , wildlife photography , macro photography , drawing. music ( not so much playing i gave that up years ago ) but listening to it is a hobby lol.

    well thats pretty much it i guess lol anything else feel free to yell
  2. Nick16

    Nick16 Member

    Surrey, UK
    welcome mate. £3000! ouch, thats a deep hole in the pocket.
  3. Superman

    Superman Member

    Shame you lost your marine setup, it must of been impressive.

    Maybe ukaps branded glass coasters on the way?! ;)
  4. LondonDragon

    LondonDragon Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome aboard James, sorry to hear about the marine tank, got a phoot of what it looked like?

    I am sure the guys here will help any any questions :)
  5. James_Kye

    James_Kye Member

    may sound silly but i could not keep any pics of the marine tank. it was not all that impressive as such.
    just i had bought £100 of rics ( a form of coral / nem ) and other corals some died some lived then i had a tank issue that no one was able to solve and i did chuck money at everything everyone suggested to me which hurt the bank and pocket and family members.
    then i was winning and BANG the problem came back and kicked me square in the groin so i though enough is more than enough , is past being funny and is now to depressing to carry on. think i may had the odd pic on my photo bucket of some of the coral if i do i will dig them out and stick them in here.

    BUT once bitten and twice shy ,,, i am in the process of setting up a 16 L pico marine rock pool mainly for inverts dont think i will have coral. and this will be as low wattage as possible and not to expensive to set up and maintain.

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