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    13 Jan 2014
    Cambridgeshire, UK
    The long awaited Master Pro RGB LED by Life Aqua is here - and we’ve installed another two in our Aquascaping Showroom, over our Aquascaper 1500 Nature Aquarium...

    Two words - Blown Away!

    By no means is this an entry level aquarium light - but if Aquascaping is your life and passion then your going to seriously think about this light

    We've been testing this light for over 9 months on Filipe Oliveira's Aquascape inside the Aquarium Gardens showroom with stunning results.

    The light mixing technology displays the plants in their most true and natural colour. There is also excellent penetration and light spread from the Master Pro.

    Each unit weighs over 7KG - probably the heaviest light on the market! But with good reason... the materials used to build the unit dissipate heat generated by the light very quickly - important for stable colour rendering and and extended life span of the LED.

    We spent a good couple of hours just staring at this tank after installing these lights. How this light makes the tank even more crisp are clearer is very impressive!

    If you've seen or used an ADA Solar RGB before, then you'll see this is a real contender for the best aquarium light in the world!

    This is one that needs seeing in person - pop over to our showroom and shop for a look. We use a number of different aquarium lights in our showroom so it's easy to compare different brands and models.

    Master Pro RGB is out now and available purchase in store or at

    (well worth paying us a visit to purchase the light in store!)

    I hope you enjoy this first look video. Let us know what you think of the light and the Aquascape!

    Aquarium Gardens
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  2. Geoffrey Rea

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    27 May 2017
    Exceedingly good.
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