Lily Pipe Options?

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26 Nov 2019

I am looking to get some lily pipes but I am unsure not what type of lily pipe I should get. I want something that does not create too much flow as the tank will be stock with a Betta.


16 Apr 2015
The initial flow in the tank is not quite the lily pipe, but actually the pumps turn over. The poppy pipe doesn't really change that it does not restrict the turnover. But it creates a more turbulent flow pattern than a straight pipe does. It forces the jet stream towards the surface i guess to create i more distinct eddy to work a bit as a skimmer too.

I've used the poppy for several years, i'm not sure if the flow is less. But it definitively is different and follows a different path through the tank. With some dead spots that are less with a more linear flow.

Now the last time i kept betta is over 25 years ago. At that time there was no Lilly pipe around and spraybar was about it. But i can imagine with a more turbulent flow pattern the fish might avoid parts of the tank and stay more in the lee sides.

But a poppy is also very funny and a good buy anyway. Even if you have to change it and use it at a later time.
The best laugh i had with the Black and Orange Platty. They look rather like a buffoonery Clown with their large light-coloured eyes. And they always managed to end up in the Poppy pipe tumbling around like mad in it, get spit out again. :clap::lol: That made the story complete. turning the aquarium into a little circus.

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