Liquid carbon / Ferts for 30 litre setup

18 Aug 2017
Hinckley, Leicestershire
I have just set up a new 30-liter tank. Quite a lot of plants. I cannot feed CO2 at the moment as I have a bit of outlay to feed the gas from the cylinder. So for the next 6 weeks, I will use some Colombo liquid carbon. The fertilizer I am using is TNC Complete using the Rotala Butterfly calculator for EI daily that is 3.8 ml. considering the substrate volume lets say 3 ml day from a pump bottle. 50% weekly water change.
Only plants in the tank 6-watt Aquael light timer set to 6 hours.
Now we come to the question. Colombo says 1 pump per 50 litre. Looking on this forum people are using much more than this. What is the best dosage of LC for my tank? Are different brands of glutaraldehyde the same strength?

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