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Mark Evans-120 x 55 x 55cm.... 'Convalescence' The joy of shrimp

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
Hi everyone.
It's been some time since I've posted any kind of journal, I must admit, I have been a 'lurker' rather than a 'poster.
Some may recall the following images that I had taken,. My next layout should incorporate some of these 'foreground' ideas, with some more unusual choices for the back of the tank.

gumi5 by saintly's pics, on Flickr

sunset-gumi by saintly's pics, on Flickr

The stones are kindly donated by Dan Crawford, and are extremely heavy. I've already nearly broke my aquarium putting them in.

So, here's as it stands now....partial view.

iwagumi-layout by saintly's pics, on Flickr

I shall post a full list of plants soon, and shall be planting this next week. It has been quite some time since I've had a running aquarium :confused:

I do have to fulfil 2 purposes with this layout. To create a tank that is 'easy' to maintain, and an iwagumi layout that will look good with large Echinodorus sp.

Thanks for taking a look.
Glad to see you back, Mark! That is a strong hardscape and it will definitely be a unconventional iwagumi! Can't wait to see it planted!
looking forward to watching another great journal mark,hardscape stones looks great will be watching this one :D

And he's back in the room!

Nice to see you about mate, the rock placement looks awesome.
Just to recap on previous posts that have unfortunately been lost.

My initial idea of creating a scene from ideas I had before have slightly changed.

I did want to recreate the following...

gumi3 by saintly's pics, on Flickr

gumi4 by saintly's pics, on Flickr

I created these scenes at home using simple methods...

moss-tent-2 by saintly's pics, on Flickr

light-tent by saintly's pics, on Flickr

I've finally come up with a traditional Iwagumi layout, but i'll featuring plants that are not often seen in Iwagumi layouts. Echinodorus sp., crypts, cladophora and various others.

Once it's planted, i'll update with an image.

Here's the hardscape...The 2 big stones are seriously heavy, and I did come close to breaking the aquarium....oooops!

final-hardscape by saintly's pics, on Flickr
Hi Mark,
im pleased you didnt manage to break the tank with either of your efforts.....stones or throwing your light unit around! :wideyed:
Good to see you presenting another journal, ive missed them. Sounds like an interesting plant scheme.
Nice title too :thumbup:

Indeed Ady. What with the lights crashing onto the tank, and nearly taking a chunk out of the glass with the stone, I consider myself lucky, to say the least.

The title has personal meaning, so thanks for liking it.
Cheers Alastair. It's blue schist I believe. A couple of these stones are on lone from Dan Crawford who got them from TGM. the biggest stone to the right is known as coppice green granite, from CED stone supplies. They're identical! I have several 'big' stones, some bigger than what's in this layout.

I'll be planting on Friday all being well.
Wow mate, that really adds a sense of scale! Can't wait to see it planted mate.

Agreed from the first hardscape photo it looks much smaller! Impressive rocks mate :) looking forward to this one already! :thumbup:
This video makes me really wish I installed some sorta of castor wheels on my tank so I can pull it out from the wall. A lot easier to scape when there is access to all 4 sides. The cabinet makers here all said no way wheels can hold the weight of 300L of water, rocks and substrate.
You need to get the correct wheels. I researched, and approached a company here in the UK, gave them the total weight, and they told me which wheels to get. They use a chart to choose what wheels are needed for any given weight.

Combined, these castor wheels will take over 2 tonnes. They're industry standard and quality. I think (cant remember) they were about £130 for the 4. A hard wood floor helps to. It's had at least 3 scapes in it, and no issues to date.

The first time I put water in it, I was scared. I can even move it when completely full of water! It does make life so much easier.