More help setting up a 190L planted tank required.

Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by Kyle D, 18 Jan 2010.

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    31 Dec 2009
    Hello Everyone,

    I'm still in the process of setting up/planting my 190L (50 gallon) tank which will be the eventual home of (I hope) a healthy cherry shrimp and snail population along with 3 South American Puffer's and 4 Cories.

    My setup right now:
    - 190L (50 Gallon tank - 36"x18"x18")
    - Current USA Nova Extreme 36" light with 2x39W T5HO bulbs

    The plants I already have:
    - java moss (the store said it was java moss but it looks a little more like christmas moss)
    - java fern (Phillipine var)
    - crypt wendtii bronze
    - crypt wendtii (green with red veins)
    - limnophila sessiflora
    - hornwort
    - hygrophila difformis (wisteria)
    - hygro polysperma (sunset hygro)
    - hydrocotyle leucocephala (brazilian pennywort)
    - blyxa japonica
    - downoi (pogostemon helferi)

    Luckily, when I went to pick up 15 cherry shrimp to start my breeding tank, the very nice lady I bought the shrimp from also gave me one to two plants of each of the above list for free. However, I would still like this tank planted even heavier so that it looks better and eventually there will be enough cover for the snails and shrimp to hide/breed in the same tank as the 3 puffers.

    I would like to do a moss wall, as a previous thread already states and am now looking into using Christmas moss.

    So, here are the plants I am thinking of adding:
    - christmas moss -> for a moss wall
    - Cryptocoryne wendtii tropica
    - Cryptocoryne wendtii green
    - Cryptocoryne undulata
    - Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia
    - Cryptocoryne bekettii
    - Cryptocoryne wendtii brown
    - Narrow leaf Java fern -> planning on planting it

    Also looking at adding these as well but have a few questions about the following:
    - pearl moss -> not an aquatic plant but can we still use it?
    - cryptocoryne balansae -> can it be kept shorter by removing the taller leaves?
    - round pellia
    - plagiomnium trichomanes -> good for ground cover?

    My main questions for the above are the following:
    - Are these naturally aquatic plants?
    - If they aren't, in what situations or conditions do they grow well underwater?
    - Any tips or pointers you can give towards successfully growing these?

    I would love the tank to be heavily planted enough so that the snails and shrimp have plenty of places to hide and breed as well as making it more interesting for the fish.

    As for a carbon source, I'll be doing low doses of Flourish Excel and using Flourish as an all around fertilizer if it needs it.

    Any information or suggestions on which plants I should do or stay away from and tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.

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