Moss problems


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7 Aug 2013
Hi all I have been away from the planted tank for a while and decided to start a new aquarium - 57L open top aquarium, equipment - ehiem Pro 4 350 filter, 150w ehiem heater set at 26, co2 art Pro reg fe setup running 2 bps, twinstar 450ea led on a dimmer timer(1300 - 0%, 1330 - 5%, 1400 - 55%, 1600 - 65%, 1800 - 65%, 2000 - 55%, 2030 - 5%, 2200 - 0%) I dose everyday with evolution aquascaper complete and do partial water changes every week.

My issue seems to be with my Christmas moss I got this because of the nice pictures you see online of the bright green bushy moss it was nice when I first added it and its turned dark green and flat looking it does grow but seems to grow in layers if that makes sense and the annoying thing is these layers detach if I touch them or disturb them when changing the water bits get all over the aquarium and grow on other plants. I'm I doing something wrong. The moss was the same colour as the plant in the back when I added it to the aquarium.


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