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Mr Amano's home tank!! (must see)

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
well said Neil. You've picked up on many points I didn't see.

When we think about innovation, trying something new, It becomes difficult to think, actually, what could be done?


25 Jun 2009
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Mark Evans said:
just like to add, maybe what Devin (hydrophyte) is doing, could possibly be expanded?

http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.ph ... &start=120

or is maybe tweaking nature style?

What Devin has done is refreshing to see. I can see some milage in that, either by introducing some Amano style minimalism with the equipment or working on the layering and 'dimensional' quality that the planters introduce to a whole composition. The underwater section could also be worked on.

I think the work of that Aquazoom company from Japan is touching on something similar where someone has seen a standard palludarium but applied NA principles.

For me it seems that Amano has introduced Modernism to the world of aquascaping, but unlike the world of art it seems that the Post-Modernist reaction has yet to come about. You can either stick two fingers up to the modernist establishment and create something completely different, you can create something backward looking from 'the good old days' and go historical, or you can embrace the ideas modernism has introduced but push it further.

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