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MrStoffel's 60-P - Taken by storm

The plant are growing like mad! Pic taken 2 weeks ago:

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Have to say as a newbie to the group, I am finding it fascinating (not to say quite terrifying) to see how well people put things together - it will be a while before I post ideas, but it has simply elevated the things I have to think about to a whole new level - the beauty of seeing "well carpeted" tanks was lost on me until the weekend when I joined the group. Now that I see it, I wonder what the hell I have been doing for the last two years!
Wow it's a great looking scape when you think and read back how little you had to work with and the panic over the alge look how its turned out I wouldnt rescape just yet fine tune your trimming skills get the stems bushy if the Tripartita is aggressive be aggressive trimming it it's been ten weeks since you planted roughly.stick with it see what you can do you have great plant.growth all over now learn to tame it and be creative with you maintenance
So i gave it another 2 months before i finally decided to rescape the tank. Here is a final picture before i pulled everything out.
I contribute most of the problems due to bad flow in the tank. (Staghorn algae, gha) The big piece of wood was too obstructive.

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For the rescape i just purchased some small spiderwood twigs, and re used left over hardscape materials from my initial shopping spree. I also wanted some negative space and got some colorado sand for that. Here’s how it looks now.(sorry about the reflections, i’ll quality pics soon once everythings established itself)




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The new tank was going well for the first few weeks, but started developing staghorn algae and GHA.
I've been fighting for a few weeks now, but i feel like i need to change something to the system because it is out of balance.
I'm doing 50% waterchanges weekly and removing as much as possible by hand. I trimmed the tank yesterday (there is good growth), and removed as much affected leaves as i could find.
I'm now thinking that maybe the size of my filter inflow is too small. (13mm skimmer type) The hose connection on the filter is 17mm.
Is it possible i am getting algae because of low flow and underperforming filter because my inlet is too small?
Thanks for any help
Some pictures, i really like the new scape.
Treating the tank with seachem excel seems to have a positive effect in certain areas. Others are still badly affected.



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I was thinking about my algae issue and thougt about how i handled things in my reef tank.
Algae meant either: bad flow, bad nutrient export or nutrient imbalance.
With a big oase filled with Matrix media i knew the export side was ok. Then i looked at nutrient imbalance. I was using the green aqua ferts, and they were almost empty, so i decided to switch to the ADA line. Last there was flow. I had a 13mm skimmer inlet and the 13mm outflow really didnt produce that much flow despite the filter capacity. So i decided to order a bigger inlet skimmer of 17mm.
This made a huge difference. All these changes are truly helping to bring the tank to a new level! Algae is 90% gone. Shrimp are feasting on it now


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Lovely scape mate, well done.

Is that Rotala rotundifolia you have in the background, how you managed to get to redden up so much?

I've recent rescape my tank and have Rotala rotundifolia, would love it redden like yours, also battling some bba, hopefully I will be as successful as you have been with it.
The plant in the back is Rotala H’ra.
It was never this red only the last week it has really started looking this good. Must be doing something right, haha

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Tank is looking really nice mate so glad you turned it around do you think one thing made a bigger difference or was it all the little changes that just balanced it out
Although i can’t really tell for sure, i think low flow in the tank + through the filter were the big issues here. For color i do think the ada ferts made the difference.

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I’m using the new line of ada, with the normal brighty K.

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