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My 125l planted aqaurium


2 Apr 2008
I just want to post this picture of my tank in order to get some helpful feedback of what to do about it.

Im planning a completely new rescape with new plants etc but i'm not too sure if it is the correct thing. I definitely want to change the wood and substrate though.

filtration- juwel rio filter (600lph), eheim 2213- 440lph
CO2- 2KG fire extinguisher at 3bps
lighting- Juwel daylight and nature tubes (1x each) 28w t5.
Ferts- easylife profito and tpn+ (made it myself using dry ferts)

Full tank shot:


Sorry for the reflection :rolleyes:


How do I get rid of that algae? I was told it was from inconsistant co2 levels and it hasnt dissapeared since I started using pressurised.

Thanks for your time looking at this post :D


10 Mar 2008
That loks like BBA to me and I would agree that it is down to inconsistent CO2 levels.
If you have fixed the CO2 the algae will not go away (it's not fair is it!) but it should stop getting worse. or at least only grow very very slowly!
Manual removal is one option - bleach solution or dip the offending article in boiling water.
Or if it is on something living then spot dosing with Excel is an option.

I would take the time to get rid of it compeltely before rescaping. That way when you do your new scape\substrate refit\etc you know it will be getting the best possible alage free start.

Tank looks quite nice as it is by the way. With a few repeated trims and replants those stems at the back will look good, and you have a nice mound thingy going on in the centre already. Maybe lose the egeria\elodea stems at the front right. Maybe experiment with that while removing the BBA. I will leave it to the scaping pros to advise you more on that front ;) Growing BBA is more my speciality :lol:


19 Jul 2007
Lincoln UK
agreed on the BBA. I have a Fluval 125 about the same dimensions as the Juwel and never had problems like that. Although the fluval doesn't have the 'all in' heater filter part.

If you check out London Dragons 125 he has loads of flow in his as well as the internal. More than you.

If you check out George's 125 he has much less light.

Not sure what to suggest other than Koralias. I would remove the internal gubbins though. Can't do much more than restrict more flow around the tank.


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