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My lights have failed


27 May 2008
I have a Jue
juwel Rio 400 which on Saturday the lights failed. Routine checks include changing the fuse (with a known good one), checked the socket, and the rocker switch. Seems strange that both tubes have gone together. I changed one of the tubes about a month ago with end caps, and I have just tried changing the other one now, but no change. I have taken the cover off the rocker switch but nothing looks detatched. Any ideas any body?

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Matt Holbrook-Bull said:
weird.. do they have any kind of started capacitor in them like they all used to have? If thats gone then nothing will light.
Its all inside the plastic casing, there is no way to get inside other than cutting it up!
get on to juwel ...mine went like that also within about 10 months of purchase... i told my lfs where i got it from and he told me to bring in the old one..he sent it off to juwel and they replaced it free of charge through sending it back to my lfs and i simply picked it up from there..(didn’t come with free bulbs thou..cheap bast!"£)