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My Low Tech Scapers Tanks

Andy D

27 Apr 2013
Hi All!

I have taken down four of my tanks and replaced them with two Dennerle Scapers tanks. I will also be setting up two Wabi-Kusa shortly.


This is purely a shrimp tank. Currently housing about 20 Red Cherry Shrimp. I will add some more (most likely Red Crystal Shrimp) once it is a bit more mature.

Tank - Dennerle Scapers Tank 50 litres - 45cm x 36cm x 31cm (LxHxD)
Filtration - Fluval Nano internal
Lighting - Superfish IQ43 LED (will add a second at some point)
Substrate - Cat Litter
Hardscape - Lava Rock and Pear Tree branches
Flora - Anubias & 'Moss' Balls
Fauna - Red Cherry Shrimp




This houses my Betta. Where the shrimp tank is mainly rock and little in the way of plants, this one is wood and will hopefully be a nice jungle style. I have re-used all of the plants which need a little TLC to get them back to their best.

Tank - Dennerle Scapers Tank 50 litres - 45cm x 36cm x 31cm (LxHxD)
Filtration - Fluval Nano internal
Lighting - 2 x Superfish IQ43 LED
Heating - Rena Smart heater
Substrate - Tropica soil
Hardscape - Pear Tree branches
Flora - Bolbitis, Anubias, Bucephelandra, Sagittaria, Moss (Java I think) and various Crypts.
Fauna - Betta Splendens



(Apologies for the pictures. I find that the iPhone (5s) seems to squish them a little).
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Hi Andy, Great start on both scapes looking forward to your updates. I love the jungle look one of my fave looks. Is that H pin on the top of the DW wicked looking plant once established and will give shade to the Anubias below. And that will be one happy Betta

I Cannot wait to see your Wabi-Kusa , Any Q just ask mate ;)
Love that second tank :) imo the first tank would benefit greatly from a tonne of moss, to age the rocks and help out the shrimp :)
You are right. It definitely needs more greenery and maybe some smaller rocks. It is very much a work in progress. What moss would you recommend?

I love weeping moss, or Xmas; but even Java would look fab imo. Love those scapers tanks, wish I'd had the chance to set mine up when I had one...ended up moving it on :(
Cheers Roy.

Am I gonna need to tie that on?
If you can remove the lava rock Andy, Fissidens attaches well if you chop/blend it up with a little water, spread it over the rocks and give it a few weeks emersed, great coverage form a small amount of moss, great tanks btw look forward to watching them progress.
If I didn't have shrimp in the tank already I would just drain it and then use the DSM to attach the moss. This may still be the best option. The pain with this is going to be getting the shrimp out and keeping them somewhere else.

I could remove the rocks but I am slightly reluctant as I just got them in a position I like...

What if I drop the water level to uncover most of the rock and stuff small bits of moss in all the crevices? Is it simply gonna float off when I fill the tank back up?

I can picture it now covered in moss and think it would look great.