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Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by Superman, 26 Jun 2008.

  1. Superman

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    Right, so I'm going to do some shopping. I would appreciate it if people could review my purchases and where I'm going to get them from - to make sure I'm not buying from people who aren't any good.

    New External Filter:
    JBL CristalProfi 500 from Chaterhouse Aquatics @ £89.95 ... -1528.html
    I have chosen this filter as:
    - It fits into the space in my Juwel Vision's cabinet, the width is 24cm with a little bit more space in the length
    - provide a good output for a filter of this size
    - grey tubing, so it won't stand out in the tank
    - no bad reviews, but then not really seen many users in the UK

    Power Head:
    Need this to connect to a garden hose for a water changer system similar to LondonDragon's. Thought I'd get this one as it's from the same company as I'm getting my filter from. Similar ones on ebay including p&p so not losing out. ... p-612.html

    Dry Ferts:
    All from Garden Direct as prefer to get from a single shop (would get from AE but there is a large price differential)
    Potassium Phosphate (
    Potassium Nitrate (
    Magnesium sulphate (
    Trace Mix ( ... -mix-p-887)
    500 grams each

    Don't think I've missed anything...
  2. Superman

    Superman Member

    Having to change powerheads as non in stock. Forgot to check.

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