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Nabbing new members for your club


2 Aug 2007
We noticed something, well, rather obvious in many ways, but our small local 2 years old club in Sacramento gained 12 new members in 2 days. I ask folks where they are from often and suggest local groups if possible.

We used a simple Craig's List(CL's) posting to ask for new folks to join.
Free, hits a lot of folks interested in planted tanks, good place to sell plants also on line.

As your club is more a national group, local enclaves will form, but the national club will still pick up these groups as well.

So if you post a nice little bit about the UKAPS's and the local group, you might effectively add 20-50% more over the next year to the group. Just post a pre written form every 2-4 weeks on CL's.


Tom Barr