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Need help choosing easy plants



Hi all, first time posting here, seems like a great forum! Hopefully you can help me out!

About a month ago I purchased a 100 litre tall tank, Depth- 36cm, Length- 60cm, Height- 51cm

Fish stock is going to look something like this:
1 bamboo shrimp
8 amano shrimp
1 dwarf gourami
6 khuli loaches
8 pygmy corys
20 neon tetras

I've had the tank running with the shrimp in it, unfortunatly I added gravel before I realised I probably should have bought fertiliser substrate. Tonight I'm going to get all the gravel out and add the Tetra CompleteSubstrate on the bottom. (By the way I presume I'm going to have to do this with a completely empty tank otherwise it will cloud up the water? Soon find out...) For the tank I have a nice piece of bogwood and a terrace/cave I made out of slate.

I don't have a very good knowledge of plants, only the hardy ones like anubias, java fern etc which I have kept with success. I've tried to research but there are so many and so many places selling them that I'm getting a bit lost. And this is hopefully where you guys come in, though I hope I'm not asking too much!

What I would like:

A couple of bushy/full plants too fill out the back and to go in the terrace.
Something red or different to go next to the bogwood and act as a bit of a centerpiece.
A grass-like carpet plant.
Plants to root into the front of the slate terrace and the bogwood. (Im suppose anubias would be fine for this)

So some plant suggestions would be great and also if you could recommend an online store that sells the said plants that would help me to no end!



24 Sep 2008
Basingstoke, U.K.
Even the easy ones produce a huge difference when provided optimal conditions so just stock up on those and change into different ones as time goes by. Red plants can be quite demanding so lighting and ferts may have to be optimal. I have experienced an extraordinary transformation with crypts, wendtii green is now growing bright green leaves with narrow brown longitudinal stripes and wendtii tropica is sort of dark wine/brown colour. This is only by easy carbo and tropica plant nutrition. :clap:

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