New Camera On Monday :D

Discussion in 'Photography' started by KrisHumphreys1991, 8 Sep 2012.

  1. Hey guys !

    I'm going to pick up my new camera on monday evening. So I can finally take some decent snaps of my tank :D

    It's a Canon EOS 350D.
    With it I get..

    -Lens 35-80mm
    -Zoom lens 75-300mm
    -Camera Bag
    -Memory cards

    All for €250.

    I think its a steal!

    What do you guys think ?

  2. sr20det

    sr20det Member

    East London
    It's a good starter. Got the same. Bought from here actually.
  3. Antipofish

    Antipofish Guest

    Enjoy Kris. :)
  4. Thanks guys. Picked it up earlier, here's a shot :)

    Bear in mind I'm VERY new to all this :lol:


    Uploaded with
  5. somethingfishy

    somethingfishy Member

    Great first shot ... looking forward to lots of feedback and pics :thumbup:
    This is the camera i would like to get too so i will be watching with interest.
  6. sr20det

    sr20det Member

    East London
    I am struggling to get decent pics, but I am not sure what setting are set, as I bought it used.
  7. Thanks ! :D I will let people know what problems I have with it etc.

    Sr20det, the settings aren't massively hard. Just play about with them, I bought mine used too. It had only been used for around 1000 exposures though. The CF card I got was tiny ! 256mb :(
    Picked up a 4GB one today though for 19 euro.
    The "auto" mode seems to be quite fond of the flash. Especially on a quick exposure.
  8. sr20det

    sr20det Member

    East London
    yeah, mine came with 4gb but bought a 8GB for £11 from Amazon I think. Should suffice. I just need to read and get setting understood, at the moment my flash pops up and blinks constanly which is no good for the tank shots.
  9. Yeah mate just switch the dial to M for manual. The auto uses the flash loads which I don't like. I bet it eats the battery too!

    thats cheap for the CF :)
  10. Antipofish

    Antipofish Guest

    Most cameras have a reset button or two buttons together. If you have the manual, look for "reset settings" or some such phrase and it will set all the manually chosen options back to the factory settings. :thumbup:
  11. Palm Tree

    Palm Tree Member

    Telford, Shropshire
    Im gonna watch this as thats the camera im getting aswell :)

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