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New Chihiros RGB Vivid - looks VERY promising


Fertz Calc Meister
1 Oct 2016
After going to Green Aqua and seeing the ADA RGB LED solar I was blown away :woot:, then thanks to Nigel informed me about the New Chihiros RGB Vivid

Dont think you need to ask 'if' I will be getting one to try it out on my 50l if they make one to fit ;)
That second video


Funny how Chihiros never manages to get their “R&D” product out first ;)
Just in time to fit my new tank if it does what they say and prive is reasonable :D

Today i sold my "old" 225cm ... next week a OpticWhite 1200x600x450 rimlesswill be ordered.
Was just looking for new lights, love the ADA but dont want to pay 2 months of mortgage for 2 lights hahaha
Price is not 'reasonable' AFAIK.....
They are expensive then?
Yes I saw it in farcebook but cant remember details. I didnt think there was a logical reason for the expense. From memory it was about 3.5 times the original A series.

Dont quote me on it have a look. I can never find old posts in farcebrock though....
They should now be available.. They are a whole lot more expensive than the A series. But it's a vastly superior light with far more functionality. They also have a whole range of new lights coming out, the vivid is there flagship model both in performance and price.

I need to check shipping and import cost but I would guess arround £200 mark.
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Look for Chihiros on facebook. They posted all the infromation about all the new lights. Spectrums/watts/lumens etc. Now if you want the Vivid for a smaller tank like my 50cm, then check out the "X400" it uses the exact same led as the VIVID, just smaller and cheaper.
The RGB Vivid is not available yet, only the WRGB models are out.
They have also phased out the older models A plus, A series, and even the regular RGB which is disappointing. It may have been advantageous to keep a lower end to higher end to capture all segments of the market. Not everyone needs a WRGB at that price.
I saw a post on the Chihiros facebook page stating that some European countries will receive these lights after christmas. So I'd say they will be available at the beginning of next year. I might consider replacing my WRGB90 with a Vivid.
Sad, i see they want a pice of the pie, but the lower end models are good for their price.

Yes sure, personally I don't like the oversaturated colors render by the vivid or the ada new solar anyway.

Twinstar S or chihiros wrgb are OK IMO