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New Co2 System

git u won that one ebay was being poo and made me sign in even tho i was already and missed out lol. Thats a disposable canister so Id sudgest buying a refillable one for when that one runs out. Apart from that i think its the full set
Haha no way were you wanting to get the same thing. Do you think it was a good deal? wasnt sure myself but wanted a nice system for my first Co2, now you mentioned its disposabol im not sure if it was worth the money but what the heck! would i need to buy a diffuser for it?
You got a fair bargain
The regs and solenoid would cost about that much
You would need to get an adapter to convert the regs from disposable to refillable aqua essentials sell them
I wouldn't bother with the spiral diffuser but get an inline diffuser like the up aqua from eBay
Then get yourself a fe to put the regs on a d your away
Ta mate, but what i have from that ebay listing is fine to start with isnt it? i mean i knew nothing about co2 a week ago, and i still dont know much now. Apologies mate but what is a fe? and have you a link to the up aqua?

Fe= fire extinguisher c02 one
If you search eBay for co2 diffuser you should find the up aqua sorry I don't have a link
What you've got is really all you need depending on how big your tank is
Read through the threads on flow ( how much/direction)
Adding ferts pre mixed or dry powder EI
The spiral diffusers don't work that well and look ugly in the tank but would be ok until your more confident on what to get
It's all a learning curve and it's just a case of finding what works for you and if you run into any problems members here are very knowledgeable and helpful
Have fun
Ah, shouldnt have a problem finding one of those i actually work for the fire service, i did enquire about getting an oxygen cylinder so i will see how that goes.

Cheers for the info Matt, i know what you mean about the diffuser it looks minging. Ill probably purchase one of these as it looks better.

Don't forget you need to get the adapter for the regulator before it will fit on the fe
And most members will think that you a Lucky bugger getting fe's easily (especially if you can get them re-filled for nothing)
Also those diffusers are good but you need to place it either under the filter outlet or under a power head to spread the co2 around the tank
i did enquire about getting an oxygen cylinder so i will see how that goes.

Don't think this would work as the attachments for the regs are different to co2 ones
ok cheers for the heads up, im hoping i can get it all for nothing but im not sure yet. Yeh im planning to put it directly under my outlet.

Cheers again.

mdhardy01 said:
i did enquire about getting an oxygen cylinder so i will see how that goes.

Don't think this would work as the attachments for the regs are different to co2 ones

Oh, the FE is probably easier to get hold of anyway so will probably go down this root once the disposabol bottle runs. How long do these typically last?
Again that all depends on the size of your tank?
I used to use the jbl 500grm bottles on my 500 ltr 5 foot tank when I first got it and only got about 2 weeks out of it
Now got a 5kg fe and that lasts about 4-5 months and cost the same as the 500 grm to refill but I am getting another one as I have 2 filters so will have co2 on each filter
I've got both the up aqua diffuser an an aqua medic 1000 reactor
That's the one
Can't really answer your question as it's all really trial and error
But in your purchase you've got a co2 level indicator you need to get this set up and get it to a nice lime green
If you use the bubble counter that you get as well you want to be looking at about 3-4 bubbles a second to start with

After getting my system today the manual says to aim for 10 bubbles a minute in the bubble counter, yet you say 3-4 a second why is the book saying 10?

Also, the item didint actually come with a level indicator so im having to buy one seperate.

File the manual under trash
Jbl also sell the ph controllers to switch co2 on and off at a set ph all these do is induce unstable co2 levels which then induces algae
10 bubbles a minute is not alot of gas for 120 ltr tank that amount might be ok for a small nano tank but nowhere near enough for a bigger one
When I looked at the eBay listing I'm sure it came with a co2 level indicator also known as a dropchecker
I'll have another look and let you know
Just looked and you have got one
Called co2 test set
Small plastic vessel that you put a few drops of tank water in and a couple of drops of regent?
If not they are pretty cheap to get the only thing I would suggest though is that instead of using tank water as the instructions suggest you get some 4dkh water and some bromo blue all available at aqua essentials
This will give you a much more accurate reading
Cheers mate, i have now got a timer set up for the solenoid to work from 9am till 5 am, is this enough time for co2 disperstion?

with regards to the co2 level indicator, it did not come with the listing. I did email the seller but he is clueless all it came with was a syringe and some ph stickers, so my guess is he missed it out of the packaging by mistake.

You want the gas coming on about 2 hours before your lights and going off about 1 hour before your lights go off
As for dispersion that all depends on how much flow you have
You should be trying for about 10x so on your 120ltr that would be 1200x flow
If you give me a breakdown on your tank set up and equipment I might be able to answer better