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New Co2 System

Thanks Matt, i dont know what you mean by how much flow i have but i have the following.

120 Ltr tank, JBL Proflora U500, Aqua One Aquis CF700 External Power Filter.

ok the filter you have is rated at 700ltrs an hour that is its maximum flow rate
once you add media this will drop by at least a third to aprox 450ltrs hour
in a high tech planted tank(co2 injected) you want to be looking at 10x flow so that means in a 120ltr tank you want to be moving 1200 ltrs of water an hour with the filter you have you will be getting less than 3x turnover an hour
you dont necessarily need another filter this will depend on how well stocked your tank is/will be
but you will need to add more flow
have a read of this viewtopic.php?f=38&t=1167
and read around the forum to see what other people do
as i said i have a 500ltr 5 foot tank
i have 2 eheim filters rated at 1250 ltrs an hour 3 hydor koralia flow pumps at 1600ltrs an hour and one at 2800 ltrs an hour but this is a big deep tank
Ah ok i understand now, i did wonder what they power heads were for! going back to the bubble per seconds, am i counting the bubbles via the bubble counter? if so, the buble counter doesnt release bubbles at a fast enough speed to have more than 1 a second? or am i being dumb
On the regulator there should be a small knob ( needle valve) turn this
Slowly until the bubble rate speeds up
Matt, this morning i noticed a hissing sound coming from the bubble counter. On closer inspection little bit of water was around the connection on the bubble counter to the co2 tank. Is this a bad thing that water was in the tip of this pipe? if so why is it there?

I have a non return valve but it is on the pipe going into the tank if that makes sense, there isnt anything from the tubing from the bubble counter to the cylinder.
Actually, what i am looking at is not a non return valve, luckily i have one coming in the post today so it should be ok until then.

Should it be set up like this. Cylinder > Check Valve > Bubble Counter > Diffuser?
Westyggx said:
Can someone please assist, my diffuser has water in the bottom of it i dont think this is normal? i then find my bubble counter is full of water! i can only hope my check valve was set up correct and no water got through!

which direction should this check valve be to stop the water?


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Dont worry about the water in the diffuser that normal as for your bubble counter / stop value (have you got them in this order) because the water in the bubble counter is higher than the glass tube within the bubble counter it will always flow back into the stop valve when theie is no gas flowing, after a period of time of the gas flowing it will force the water from the stop valve back into the bubble counter. Looking at your picy it looks correct providing the gas is flowing upwards from where your hand is - the tapered part of the stop valve needs to be at the bottom - co2 bottle / pipe and connect the pipe to the stop valve tapered end first, then another piece of pipe which is connected the bubble counter.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the tip, works a treat now and my new drop checker is showing green/yellow at the moment
That looks clear - the best way to tell the colour is to remove the DC and place infront of a white piece of paper.

What do you mean by clear mate, clear as in see through or clear as in it's ok all clear and the colour is fine. Cheers
Westyggx said:
What do you mean by clear mate, clear as in see through or clear as in it's ok all clear and the colour is fine. Cheers

Clear as you can see through it - there is a tinge of yellow there, - I can see through it a see some leafs of a plant and the gravel.

Think you might need to add another drop or two of bromo to get a better colour reading