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New pheonix 60x30x30 scape.

Thanks for the "tip", John. I can't help it, when it's as an expensive hobby as this you can't help but want to make sure you get the right plants and in the right amounts for the scape the first time, every time. :oops:
Plants finally ordered! That'll make Mr. Starkey happy! :twisted:
4 pots Eleocharis Acicularis
3 pots Hemianthus callitrichoides
3 pots Pogostemon Helferi
4 pots cyprus helfri
5 pots Rotala sp. ''Green''
3 pots of Cryptocoryne beckettii
3 pots of Cryptocoryne Nevellii

I wish crypts weren't so hard to pick, I just hope these give a nice variation in colours, petchi being dark green/purple and nevelli light green. I just hope they're not too big once grown in, I'll be bitter if they are. :lol:

So yeah! Should be planted by the end of the week!

Anyone got a bit of lilly going spare they fancy sending my way? I only need a little bit? Anyone please? ;)
Anyone think I should get some anubias or ferns in there or is there enough plants?
I want to make sure I really pack in as much plant mass as I can, I really really do not want to have to blahblahblahblah about with algae because I was a cheapskate again! :lol:
Anubias and ferns won't do too much anyway mate, if your worried about a low biomass then over-order on the sp.Green or grab some cabomba or something. The list looks alright to me though.
Cheers Dan, I've got some needle leaved fern and some nans petite It's just I don't know if I should add to the wood or not. I'm not like you guys I can't see what a scape will mature into. :oops:
I've got plenty of rotalla I reckon, 5 pots should be loads. Hc and hairgrass are pretty quick growing too. I'll be doing every day waterchanges and half dosing as ceg recommended so I shouldn't run into any troubles, or at least I hope.
okay, no rotalla, went for diplilidendra instead for a change. I'll leave the thread now till I'm planted. I'm so excited you would not believe.
Garuf said:
okay, no rotalla, went for diplilidendra instead for a change. I'll leave the thread now till I'm planted. I'm so excited you would not believe.

happy planting, i'm eager to see how it turns out.

best regards,

Planting commenced! Minotaur shock on the radio a box of plants. Ian Beale. :D
Just a shame my hairgrass hasn't arrived with the main batch. :(
Pictures coming......


Ooo! A parcel!



Full of plants.


Washing said plants.


Tank moistened ready for the big push.



Downoi planted, easiest job first!


Next to the H.C... half a pot done and time for a cupper.



H.C. finished planting.


Now the C. helfiri, Nice and painless... Unlike the HC which took what felt like forever.





Now for the crypts, first c petchii and then c nevilli





Last but by no means least, Didiplis Diandra. Another pretty painless act, even if I did run out of space for it, at least it'll come through nice and dense. ;)


And finally, how she is now, sealed up waiting for the hairgrass to arrive on tuesday/wednesday and for me to have some dinner and take a walk to the LFS to see if they have any combomba or similar.
Lets hope, I've got 2 pots of hc and a few bits of c helfiri left over and a nano just begging to be scaped. ;)
Hi garuf,looks nice mate ,I would be tempted to fill it and get the filter and stuff going,hope it goes well for you,
Regards john.
Mmm, John I might have to. I've got the filter sitting cycled and ready I'm waiting for the rest of my plants and a new stand to arrive before I fill up though, I don't really fancy filling up only to drain it again to plant some hairgrass and to shift it to it's new resting place.
i know this isnt nano related but you have just inspired me to go and get one. i think it will have to do with easy carbo though!
Looks great Gareth, very strategic planting. :lol: :lol:

Btw, maybe you should remove your address from the first pic, or you''l get all kinds of crap in the post. :twisted: :twisted:
If people want to send me stuff let them waste their money. ;)
haha, strategic? Yeah, none of the chuck it in and hope this time!

Thanks, Nick. Glad I can be of inspiration!