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New tank-advice needed


22 May 2008
Hi all.
I'm looking for some advice on what substrate to use when setting up my new tank. I've been dabbling with plants for a few years now, and have decided to take the plunge with my new set-ups. I've got two tanks on the way - one is the main tank (30"x30"), but a substrate for this is not a problem since I'm using the Dennerle system, therefore using the Deponit mix and black quartz gravel. However, my other tank is a nano (Arcadia Arc 20l). I'm intending to set it up with some riccia, so I need high lighting, I think I'll have to get another light or maybe some desk lighting. I don't know what substrate to use although I do want it to be black, maybe Eco-Complete? I'm thinking of using Easylife EasyCarbon for a C02 supply - I like the Crystal Line range for nano tanks from Dennerle, but I think it's expensive and the cartridges aren't refillable, and I don't have a local supplier. Any suggestions on what fertilizers to use? Livestock is going to be a few amano shrimps and something from the Microrasbora range, maybe some Mosquito Rasbora. Anybody have some suggestions for me?