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New tank plant questions

gunny bedford

2 Jan 2019
Lympne, Kent
So my tank has been running around 2 months, quite pleased with the progress, but have a few questions, Im running CO2 timed with a solenoid, a Chihiros WRGB2 Pro 90 light and a Fluval external cannister filter. The CO2 level is OK with the indicator in the Green. The tank is 90cm long, 60cm high and 50cm wide

I am trying to get a carpet to the front Ive planted it with Eleocharis Pusilla, its OK but not spreading out much, other plants have grown really well, but this is not showing much growth or pushing out runners, is it a slow grower ? or is something missing ?

Ive got some floating plants Limnobium laevigatum that not growing too well, leaves are going light green and dying off, is the light too bright, or is it missing something ?

I am adding fertiliser but not every day, currently got some Dennerle Liquid plus, should this be added every day ? (thinking this might be my issue) how much ? i did put lots of root tabs/substrate. Any assistance greatly received. thanks
additive in the substrate when setting up, was considering pehaps getting a dosing pump to do this, any recommendations for an easy to set up/control auto dosing system ?
My poorly educated guess would be for upping the fertilizer dose... so it might be a good idea for you to post the amount you're dosing, for discussion. The Rotala Butterfly site has a calculator that recognizes various all-in-one ferts (I used it with Tropica).

The Jebao DP-2 or DP-4 dosing pumps are pretty easy to use. No app, just buttons and a small LCD menu. Tubing and bottle attachment would need to be taken care of separately.

P.S. it's a really beautiful tank, already.