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Discussion in 'Aquarium Fert Dosing' started by Midnight, 24 Sep 2008.

  1. Midnight

    Midnight Member

    North Yorkshire
    I'm new to all this but after reading the posts here and the info at James Planted Tank I am taking the plunge into ferts for my 325 ltr tank.

    My lifestyle doesn't permit the routine required for E.I. so it's "All-in-one" for me with 30% water changes every week or two. James' All-in-one recipe is in grams but an accurate set of scales is beyond my budget just now. Instead I will have to rely on a set of ASDA's best measuring spoons. Here's my planned conversion assuming I've worked it out correctly from James' teaspoon quantities:-

    James Recipe ----------------------- Teaspoons ---------- Weight According to James Calculations
    10g Pottassium Nitrate ------------ 1 + 1/2 -------------- 9g
    1g Potassium Phosphate ----------- 1/4 ------------------ 1.65g
    4g Potassium Sulphate ------------- 3/4 ------------------ 3.75g
    8g Magnesium Sulphate ------------ 1 + 1/2 ------------- 7.6g
    6g Aqua-essentials Trace Mix ----- 1 teaspoon --------- not included

    As for Ascorbic acid and Potassium Sorbate I'm at a loss to work out accurate teaspoon equivalents for:-
    0.5g Ascorbic Acid ------------------ 1/3 of one 1/4 teaspoonful?
    0.2 Potassium Sorbate ------------- 1/3 of one 1/4 teaspoonful? - as the stuff is like small granular mouse droppings
    500ml Distilled water

    I intend to dose 25ml every day Monday to Friday. My setup is:-
    325 ltr tank
    Dennerle Deponit substrate, gravel on top with Dennerle substrate heater
    Dennerle CO2 system with controller and shut-off valve set to ph 6.8
    Two 40 watt tubes
    Eheim power filte

    Up to now I have used the Dennerle ferts I got with the setup last April and have reasonable plant growth for easy stuff but algae (G/B slimey and Long Hairy) is an occasional irritation rather than a problem.

    Any opinions and/or advice on any of this will be most appreciated.
  2. aaronnorth

    aaronnorth Member

    worksop, nottinghamshire
  3. JamesC

    JamesC Member

    Bexley, Kent
    It is easiest to use a set of digital scales which can be obtained fairly cheaply. I also use a set of standard spoons that go down to 1/8th teaspoon. As you are fairly close with the weights you should be ok. Bear in mind though that some chemicals can have different density's depending if they are powdered, crystalline, pelleted, etc.

    Even I have difficulties measuring the ascorbic and pot sorbate so use 1/8th teaspoon of each. It's a bit more than the amounts I give but they were only a guess anyway. As long as you are close then I don't see any problems. Try and do dosing daily if you can.

    I'm not a fan of pH controllers but see how you go. You don't need to blast the tank with high CO2 levels as you do dosing EI. Stability is very important. My advice is to get a drop checker with 4 dKH solution to get some idea of CO2 concentration. Adjusting to a certain pH doesn't really tell you much.

    Keep us posted on how you get on.

  4. Midnight

    Midnight Member

    North Yorkshire
    Thank you for the replies - I will use the spoons for now but will get a set of scales for the next batch. I intend to make a start this week.
  5. spider72

    spider72 Member

    Wick, Scotland
    You can also measure ingrediens by volume. This is what I do. You will find below mass to volume relations for most popular salts.

    potassium sulphate: K2SO4 10g = 6.8ml
    magnesium sulphate: MgSO4x7H2O 10g = 11.3ml
    mono potassium phosphate: KH2PO4 10g = 10.5ml
    potassium nitrate: KNO3 10g = 9.0ml
    AE trace mix: 10g = 16.7ml

    I am using measuring cup from local chemist (about 30p), but you can also use test-tube from water test, where in most cases 5ml volume is marked, just use a ruler and pen to setup scale on the tube.
  6. Midnight

    Midnight Member

    North Yorkshire
    Thanks I will get one
  7. karl

    karl Newly Registered

    i im new to this forum after reading the post about dry ferts
    i was wondering where i can get hold of the ingredeants :?:
  8. YzemaN

    YzemaN Member

    You can get the ingredients here:
    Aqua Essentials
    Garden Direct

    The latter is a bit cheaper and the makeup of their chelated trace mix is a bit different. I don't know if it matters in our tanks.

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