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Newly planted tank, black spot plants forming


New Member
19 Mar 2024
I have a siena 330 Litre tank 110cmx55cmx55cm. I have done all the cycling etc and have co2 setup. I planted 400gbp of plants (that hurt) on Friday. I now notice black specs on some of the plants. I can brush them off but that would take ages and I don’t want to turn wave maker on until plants are established (I would only have it on for five mins to circulate the water and waste). I have two plant3.0 on at 45% for 6 hours and co2 on for 8 hours (on two hours before lights). I do not use the blue light option. Bubble counter is two per second but checker still blue all day (I don’t want kill the fish, I only have a couple…..not fully stocked yet, doing it all slowly to avoid spikes). I also feed plants two pumps of specialised nutrition and 5ml of kalium potassium per day rather than one big dose each each. I don’t over feed either. Temp is 23-24. Water change due end of week 20-25% and will add enhancer. Water very clear. Any advice would be very welcomed. I have added pics but doesn’t show ip the black dots….i thought it was fish poo on leafs at first as they come off. Much appreciated. Dazzza.


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Also, check counter is at opposite side of tank. Should I turn counter up again (risk to fish though). Should i put another level be in and out two checker in……I did not think the tank was big enough to need additions….i know there is a two hour delay on colour change but it’s still blue.