Normal growth or not?


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21 Apr 2019
So I started my new 100 liter tank about 3 weeks ago and I'm a bit worried that I'm doing something wrong, because growth is in my opinion lacking. Hair grass is doing extremely well, as is the Bucephalandra, dwarf Java ferns and Crypts. My reineckii 'mini' has completely melted. The stem plants (Rotala rotundifolia, Pogostemon erectus and Mayaca vandelli) aren't growing as well as I expected. They've grown about 10 cm in 3 weeks.

The hardware:
Light: Aquamedic Qube 50 plant at about 60% intensity for 7.5 hours. Started with 6 hours 3 weeks ago.
Filtration: Eheim Pro 3 with lily pipes and an extra powerhead. Plants are moving nicely in the flow.

I'm running pressurized CO2 with an inline diffusor, the dropchecker is green/orange when the light comes on. CO2 is automatically turned on 2 hours before the light comes on and turned off half an hour before the light goes out. However, because I have struggled a bit with the flow, CO2 levels haven't been consistent up until last monday.

Dosing: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10 ml of each KNO3 (83 gram dissolved in 500 ml water) and KH2PO4 (8 gram dissolved in 500 ml water). Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 10 ml Tenso cocktail (32 gram and 66 gram MgSO4 in 500 ml water). 25% waterchanges on Thursday and Sunday. I'm using aquatic compost as substrate topped off with plain aquarium gravel.

Parameters as of last Monday:
pH: 6.8
KH: 8
NO2: 0
NO3: 50
PO4: 0,8
Fe: 0,75
Potassium: 150 (not sure if this one is correct, as it was tested with a marine test kit)
No algae except for some brown algae on the glass.

Should I do anything different or, especially now that CO2 levels are finally consistent, or is patience enough? Can I expect the reineckii to grow back?

Honestly I'm just worried that I'm doing something wrong and am slowly causing plants to die. Just want to make sure that I'm doing it right - or not.

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