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"Novus Aevum" - 14ltr

Day 12: (Star date -314268.24)

There's large signs of runners within the hairgrass.
The HC continues to grow too.
Stems seem to be taking the longest to adapt but some weren't 100% when they were planted TBH.
Still doing the daily 50% water changes then dosing 1ml of both EC and TPN+.
The clear filter tubes are a bit mucky now.

Test tubes state....
Ammonia 1ppm
Nitrite off the scale

So far so good.
Day 17:

I've been away for the Easter weekend so this plant has been in darkness as I don't have a timer yet and can't dose with me being away.

The HC is still in good condition and looks to have grown upwards more.
The hairgrass is getting some melt due to the old shoots dying, I'm having trouble picking off the old shoots as I don't have a small enough set of scissors, so am having to leave it there for a bit.
The HM is looking about 50/50 at the minute, some stems are browning others are doing well, but it wasn't in great condition to start with.
The Ludwigia arcuata on one side has lost most of it's leaves, but the other side is going ok.

So the stems are going a bit iffy but the foreground plants are going well, I'm testing the water later.

No photos tonight as I'm busy doing water changes on both tanks.
Day 18:

I had a quick test of the Ammonia and Nitrite this morning...
Ammonia 0ppm
Nitrite still off the scale

Tonight I'll do a few massive water changes to reduce the nitrite as I've found previously that there's enough Nitrite to cope with the amount that is produced from the Ammonia, but there's not enough to cope with the backlog from previous days.

So, not long to go before it's fully cycled and I've got in touch with AquaJardin about the CRS as they should be at their shop soon.
passerby* said:
any photos..?? :D ..it would be nice to see how its changed from day 1 to how it is now..

cheers , Alex

Thanks Alex.
I'm going to replant the HM tonight to tidy it up, so might take some photos.
Although, I'm hopeing if the filter kick start works properly there might be photos of some nice livestock in there tomorrow.
I just picked up four Crystal Red Shrimp today from my LFS.

Using the grading guide at http://www.planetinverts.com/crsgradegu ... _guide.jpg, I have...
  • 1x SS "No-Entry Hinomaru"
  • 1x SS "Hinomaru"
  • 1x S+ "Tiger Tooth"
  • 1x S "3 White Band"

I was really pleased with the service I got as they kept them from sale until I had my pick and all at £6.30 each, I will get another two in a few days once these have settled in.

They're in the tank now and have started colouring up already, having a good look around the tank and am looking nice and active. Hopefully, they won't uproot too many plants!!

I bought some Dennerle "Crusta-Fit" solution to help their shells and Dennerle "CrustaGran" to feed them.
I popped the weekly dose of Crusta-Fit in the tank and also added a small spatula full of the food. I was amazed that two immediately went for the food and have not let go! They're little beauties!

How much do people generally feed them?

The lights are off at the minute to let them settle in and will now tailor my dosing as I've got them in. I'm going to dose 1ml of TPN+ and 0.2ml of Easy Carbo daily.

Proper photos later when the lights are on, the room is dark and they've coloured up but here's a quick peek of one of them having some CrustaGran...
samc said:
hope you get on well with your shrimp, iv stopped dosing easycarbo now and got some amano shrimp and they are doing great. i will be getting some more crs soon.
they are a pretty high grade so thats cheap
Thanks Sam, they were cheap. They had ordered a mix bag so they didn't know what they'd get in. They had loads to choose from so thought I'd try and get different ones and the high grades too.
People have mixed experiences with CRS and easycarbo which we've discussed in another thread. The consensus is not to overdose.

I'm amazed how active they are.

Another quick photo of all four as they were hanging around each other. Although, one is missing a left eye.