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NutriSI Micro


17 Jul 2008
Having let my tank go a bit recently (Algae kicked in badly coupled with being busy in life) and running out of TPN+ a while a go I thought that it would be a wise idea to swap over to EI/PMDD dosing as its a 240l tank and would obviously be a lot cheaper in the long run.

Advanced apologies here if I am asking something that has been asked somewhere before or it's a very silly question I am asking! The post count doesn't reflect the amount of time that I spend browsing the forum. ;)

A friend of mine who has planted tanks in the past and dosed himself sent me over the powders he said that I would need. I've had a look at Toms link (http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=915).

I have the KN03 and KH2PO4 but also have a brown powder called NutriSI Micro. Would I be correct in assuming that this is my trace additive?