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Discussion in 'Photography' started by CeeBee, 4 Sep 2009.

  1. CeeBee

    CeeBee Member


    I was given a great tip about a plug in that reduces noise - NoiseWare. It means that you can use high ISO settings and then clean up the images afterwards. I've bought plug-ins before and not been massively impressed - but this one is excellent. It reduces noise noticeably, but doesn't impact the detail too much - a balancing act that I've never been able to master.

    Here's a before and after. It's not the best photo - but it was the noisiest I could find. Don't focus on the swallow - look at the barn door - that's where you can really see the difference.



    I appreciate that it's not a massive difference - but it's certainly an improvement IMO.
  2. aaronnorth

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    worksop, nottinghamshire
    I use neat image, only when it is really noticeable

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