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Phyllanthus fluitans (red root floater)


19 Feb 2011
I bought some of these online recently and they were green when they turned up. I've given them four days in my Vision 450 under T5 lights and still no sign of colour improvement. Can anyone tell me if this means they are just very young plants and need to mature a bit, or is there a chance I've been sent a green variant by mistake? According to the ad, under good light the whole plant should be red not just the roots, but I've got no exerience with this or any other floating plant :(

Hi Viv.

I found with this plant that it sulked for a week or so after arrival before starting growing again.

Here is a shot of mine growing about 12" under my T5s... as you can see the new leaf edges are nice and red, with older leaves becoming progressively more green. The roots are bright red.


I also have them in a different tank under lower lighting, and they are noticeably less red. Water parameters are also very different though, so can't conclusively say it's just the light that makes the difference.
Mine were red under high light too. But then they grow new green leaves, which soon turn reddish. Give it some time, they are slow growers.

By the way Tom, what tank is that shot from ? Do you have journal I can nosey at?
Looks great. :D

Oh yeah I LOVE those tanks!!!! :D Was looking at them yesterday actually, they're a work of art.
I'll be happy to take cuttings :lol:
Have you an updated photo of the "overgrown-ness" ?
Sorry for hijacking Viv!

Thanks for the reassurances :) Kris, its not hijacking its natural evolution - things rarely stay on track for long!