Placement of internal filters


24 Sep 2008
Basingstoke, U.K.
Hello guys,

I'm back after a long break. I have now moved and am trying to get my fish tanks on the go again. I bought a new tank, Fluval Roma 90 to fit into my small room and started it last night. My question is how to place my two internal filters so they would work most efficiently. The package is a 60/45/35 cm tank and came with 400 l/hr filter with it. In addition I put in my mature 400 l/hr filter and placed them next to each other for the moment but reckon this isn't the most efficient way to maximise the flow. I'm planning for it to be quite densely planted and am starting with some crypts, swords, hygrophila polysperma and limnophila sessiliflora.

Thanks in advance!

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