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Plant Pictures!


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14 Dec 2008
Hemel Hempstead
For general identification of plants!
Please only post clear Plant Images as these will be viewed across multiple formats with the name above.
Two Images maximum.

Discussions can take place on the below thread!
Or in the Plant Database.
Flowering Plants can be discussed on the below thread also!

Bacopa caroliniana "colorata"
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Rotala wallichii
Rotala Wallichii Image 3.jpg Crop!.jpg

Hi guys and girls

This thread already shows the basic problem of identifying our plants............they will differ (some more than others) in appearance depending on all kinds of parameters affecting growth.

This is exactly why it's so... difficult to determine plant species from just a photo..... and why the species often end up being determined wrong!!!
Sorry to be the party-stopper here, but it's not as straightforward as it may seem...........

Hi Mick
I get your drift, plants can look very similar in different water parameters.
I have also experienced a wrong Rotala identification......from the fella who sold me the plant after the plant has lost its colour a few weeks later.

Just pointing out a (serious) problem in identifying plants from photos.
There's a reason, that botanically we don't determine plants by leaf - but by the flower. Those differ far less in appearance.
Pictures can give a very good idea of where to look for closer determination. A genus can often be established, and common species often so.
It's the details, that bring problems (yep; Devil is in the detail)........... there are just so many subspecies, varieties, cultivars, etc. to go around !!!!

Hi Mick
This is for members to have a rough guide to how a plant generally looks when selected for aquarium use... it's not a botanical journal on plant identification.
As you stated a more accurate identification could be made when the plant flowers.
Growing plants emersed would be helpful to be more accurate....but this is a hobby to enjoy growing plants...not to get wrapped up in plant identifications.

I totally agree ....... only see the desire to be (too) accurate showing already.;)
This will serve perfectly as a rough guide and should be used as such.
Keep on posting............:p t.

Thanks for your input... it's much appreciated.:thumbup:
Hopefully, in the future, this is where plant enthusiasts will come to identify their local fish store plants purchased with no labels.
Be it submerged or emersed.