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Please help me.... Whats Going Wrong?!


Thread starter
29 Jan 2008
beeky said:
I've always found that BGA is a nod towards a dodgy filter. The cause of BGA might be the low nitrate level, but IME a non-functioning filter causes the low nitrate in a normal setup. BGA is a pain to get rid of ones it starts and a 3 day blackout is usually a good idea.

How's it going now?

Interesting comment on the filter intake. Mine's quite low (in fact it's just above the gravel) and I've got quite a lot of particles floating around. It's quite heavily stocked including a pair of angels and a large bristlenose. What do people think about raising the intake. Does it make a difference?

I found that putting the intake higher meant that the circular action of the flow directed the flow towards the intake more. Therefore, it increased the amount of particles that got sucked up into it.

I noticed this when looking at the glass lilly pipes at the FoF stand the other weekend.

Hopefully, I'll get an idea of how things are going today with my blackout as I'm dosing but don't want to look too long - thread in the algae area of the forum about my green water.