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Pond forums

I'm a member of two koi forums (Koi-UK and Koi-Quest) but not general pond ones. There is a huge amount of information of filters, water, disease and much, much more on Koi-Quest.
Ed Seeley said:
Lozbug said:
Ed Seeley said:
I'm a member of two koi forums (Koi-UK

oo i'm member there, got the t-shirt etc. I got to the open weekends too!

Did I cook you a burger at one of them? I'm 'Ed' and help out each open weekend! See you for the June one in a couple of weeks?
it's very likley. :D

i didnt make the Easter on, but was at all last year and year before i think? My tee' says Lozbug lol

I will be there in June :)
Tourney said:
Whereabouts is this open day ED?

Weston-Super-Mare. Bit of a trek maybe but it's well worth it if you want to see some very classy koi! Maurice is breeding fish on a par with many Japanese breeders now. His fish are winning prizes at shows in the smaller sizes and each year he's breeder better and his fish are growing bigger and competing in the larger size categories. They're very competitive prices too for class fish. If you want to have a look at the standard then look at these sales pages from April's Open Day (These are the individually priced fish so there are lots more smaller ones from £25 upwards usually on sale).