possible problem with eheim 2213

Discussion in 'Filters, Filtration and Pumps' started by french tony, 6 Aug 2009.

  1. french tony

    french tony Newly Registered

    Hi all
    Recently I have noticed a reduction in flow rate from my trusty eheim classic 2213. I have changed the inlet and outlet lines as they were getting a little manky and rinsed the filter media thoroughly with aquarium water. However I am not getting the flow I used to get. Upon close inspection I have found something suspicious and I am hoping that the more electrically minded amongst you might be able to confirm or dispel my doubts. This won't be easy to explain so bear with me, my memories of basic electrics are dodgy at best.

    The impeller is connected to a shaft, around which we have magnet. Upon removing those parts to clean them (they weren't noticeably dirty), I have noticed that the magnet insert in the canister head is split in two- it looks broken.
    Could the fact that this part is broken hinder the performance of the pump?

    Any help appreciated...
  2. bugs

    bugs Member

    I suspect you've found the cause of your problem. I thought the magnet was part of the impeller (i.e. it should come out for cleaning too, leaving just a plastic lined cavity in the head), although it's been some time since I've owned an Eheim Classic.
  3. french tony

    french tony Newly Registered

    Indeed there is a magnet on the rotor. The part I refer to is a metal "blade" which runs the length of the impeller cavity. I suspect this the part which excites the magnets and makes it rotate.
    It looks like I will need a new (canister) head.

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