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pps pro


28 Apr 2009
Hi im new to the dry fert route and have been reading various theories and was wondering if anyone out there has used the all in one PPS Pro method.
Well, unless you are very diligent, precise or lucky, this method is subject to poor performance due to small margin of error. If the lighting is low enough and if the tap water is high in nutrients this can work quite well, but it's a tedious method. Most here use some version of EI or PMDD, which are much easier, don't require testing and produces great results.

Not sure which theories you've read but many theories, including those on which PPS is based on often rely on the concept of limiting growth by limiting nutrients. This works fine unless the nutrient levels fall below their minimum thresholds, which is a constant threat. Thus the need to continually monitor nutrient levels and calibrate test kits. Very tedious.

I think Zig has had some success with it. Maybe wait for him to see the thread. I myself used it a long time ago before I got on top of CO2 and flow problems and due to this it failed very quickly.

I found JamesC's PMDD+P muchmore forgiving and that is also lean dosing but nowhere near as low as PPS Pro

One of the main problems for me is the suggested 15ppm of CO2 which I feel leaves a lot smaller margin for error, couple this with the low dosing means you can't really use 30ppm or you run out of nutrients.

I fin EI much easier as it means I can just put more than needed in, push the CO2 up with the knowledge the nutrients will be enough and then 'reset' at each water change.

Yes I used this method but then grew bored with it because things grew very very slowly even in a highlight tank, so I reverted back to EI method. JamesC's formula with the added PO4 is a much better formula IMO. Add some extra PO4 and the method does work. In the time I used it (6-9 months or so) I had an algae free tank, my tapwater water is v soft, no added po4 or no3 in the tapwater. I just dosed the formula daily. Plants grow well but very slowly they also grew very green using this method that was the other problem with it, if you want some colour in your tank this may not be the method for you. It does work though IMO no harm in trying it out, it may or may not not suit your needs.