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'Prairie Lands' IAPLC entry.

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
Well, i'm a little took back with 95th. I didnt think it was good enough, what with different coloured stones.

Well chuffed at this mate. Something a little different to the usual overly sculpted iwagumi. Love the almost scruffy foreground, moving bak to the "weeds" crypts by the rock work. Really amazing. True Nature Aquarium. Congratulations.
That's stunning Mark, a very natural and mature look.
Congrats on a well deserved place :thumbup:

Very nice capture Mark. Congratulations to your placement. :clap: :thumbup:

The lighting is a bit tricky on your photo. The side panels of the tank are very bright and the back side is darker giving a strange feeling. But maybe this is only me ;) Kind of like decrease the size of the tank.
The tank looks amazing by the way. :thumbup:
Congratulations on the IAPLC Top100 Mark.

This is a wonderful iwagumi. Love it. I like the way you used the Crypts around the rocks. It is similar to what I had in mind with my composition. Did you also use wendtii 'Tropica'?

Could you please post a full-res image for my desktop background? ;) (Or are you just waiting for the official release to publish it?)
Thanks everyone. :D Believe me, i really didn't expect such a ranking. with different coloured rocks, i thought 800 would of been more appropriate.

I dont think i should of posted the image? one of the rules? Oh well. :p

I've not responded, as I've been in hospital for minor surgery, but I've been on morphine to take away the pain :sick: so my heads been in the clouds

I can just about get to my computer now.
LondonDragon said:
now you have to do better next year

Thanks mate. I'll try my hardest, but i dont want it to rule my life, as in 'i must do better...i must do better' that'd just screw my head up. If i have nothing to enter, like in the past, i wont enter.

keymaker said:
I sure hope you're doing better by now.

Thanks. i'm on the mend.

Today's post cheered me up a bit...

Now that the results are out, and others are posting their pics, i thought i;d put my final image back up :)

Cheers Mark,
Congratulations again to the placement. The photo capture worked out brilliantly.
I think next year with your current tank will have even better result. But i am glad you're an active member. One of the guy who inspire us a lot here. ;)

Quality mate!
Cheers Viktor.

I think next year, i'll enter something else...not my current tank. Unless of course i can capture it with awesome lighting, otherwise i wont bother.

On a personal level, I'd like to enter another Iwagumi, but with massive twists so to speak. The next 120 x 55 x 55 will be Iwagumi, but something very different ;)