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Primordial - The beginning of the end.

Just Google - killi fish eggs - and got directed to eBay...wow that does look like good fun and relatively inexpensive - well at least to buy eggs.
Yeah but you want to join up here .... Facebook lots of fantastic bargains.
You just need to get some micro worms started before you buy the eggs
. Regardless of the info available I have had total success by just putting the eggs in a fine mesh breeding cage hanging on the aquarium edge.
The eggs hatch, you feed them & they become your babies!
My rice fish just wont stop breeding but I have not made the effort to hatch any of their eggs as yet.
Really good fun, interesting & beautiful end results in the way of colourful small fish.
Looking really well, im really getting into these 1 plant type tanks

Just out of interest what filter are you using ?
Thanks xtevo and Curball:)...Less is definitely more...it's inversely proportional to the amount of maintenance required...TBH prior to the video the rocks and sand were covered in brown algae...it took about 2 hours of elbow grease, a toothbrush, and plenty of excel to get rid of it...and that's despite regular ongoing maintenance...:rolleyes:

...And then to add insult to injury I was cleaning my glass inlet pipe and I had an Ian Holdich "Great!" moment...my flexi-brush head broke off in the bend (it must be catching). In the end I had to cut the bottom of the pipe off to get it out...well actually there was some cutting to a point...and then it just snapped:(

Talk of the Devil...hi Ian, they are Pygmys. I've been after some for ages and couldn't believe my luck when I spied them in the LFS, I brought 6. Funny little fish they try to shoal with everything including the amanoso_O
A couple of images from a more 3D angle - with a before image which gives an idea of how much the Eleocharis sp. mini has grown in nearly 6 weeks...thought the contrast would interest.



Very nice Troi.
This is beautiful mate. Really like it. A complete opposite to what you started on here with. Lovely

Thanks Alastair...it's this forum, it's pretty inspirational.

Hey Thomas, that's kind of you to say so, and good questions. OK, yes there is a sort of nutrient rich substrate below the sand. There are several small filter media bags containing cat litter and osmocote...the kind that takes about 12-18 months to dissolve. It was also to bulk out the sand which is fairly expensive. I'm not sure how well it's working though because I'm also dosing the water column with 2mls TNC Complete every day.

The original plan was to keep the grass within the boundary of the hardscape but I'm going to let it spread now to see how it looks, but I think I'll keep it away from the glass. I've also planted some HC cuba in a few places, and put some Ammania gracilis in the back left hand corner. Neither may stay but I've always been curious to see if I could grow them...and so far it looks fine.
Really nice! You have planted this up perfect to show the excellent hardscape off - how do you keep those rocks looking so fresh and new?