Project Shrimp


30 Apr 2008
West Midlands UK
aaronnorth said:
The best tank you have done IMO,
Oh I quite agree, despite the fact that it is a lot less work and cost a lot less to set up. :lol:

Oh and re the lid, my shrimp have never tried to leave the tank, but as MrLuke has indicated my apple snails do! :lol: That lid is even weighted down in the middle with a piece of acrylic to stop them from pushing it up. :wideyed: I am however planning on replacing it with a custom cut sheet of acrylic (safer than glass) as the problem with cheapo condensation covers is the moulding to make them rigid also messes up the lighting. I have 4mm acrylic on my daughters (yet more apple snails, 1 of which managed to make it to the floor before we fitted a home made cover) tank and it reflects a lot less light, despite been a lot thicker.

I love the Panoptic tanks though, they are ideal for planting. Sure the silver plastic pieces at the top are a bit tacky, but you can always take these off if they bother you, just like on an Arcadia ArcTank which these tanks resemble a lot.


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