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On my 120l I changed it after a month, but only found the outer beads to be brown. The latest lot has been in for three months now, so I may take a look this week. This tank is lightly stocked as well.

I have just changed a 100ml bag of Purigen out of my 120l tank filter this morning and would estimate that it was 50% exhausted after three months.

My 60l may get a change after six months, bearing this in mind. As for the 26l, I will probably change it when the tank comes up for a rescape.

Hi all, i have been using purigen for the last two months, i have two eheim 2028s and have a bag of purigen in each one and my water clarity is brilliant so i can highly recommend it, regards john
I've been using for a week now.

No noticeable clarity change, but to be honest it was crystal anyway with a 1200lph external on a Rio 125 stocked with just otos and shrimp...

One question?

Does it affect Excel - and 'organic' source of carbon?
Yep! According to Seachem you can use Excel alongside Purigen.

I've just realised I'm using Purigen in my nano that I'm dosing with Easy-carbo! I assume it'll be ok as Excel is ok, but what do you guys reckon? How will I know if it's messed up?
I am also using this product now. Not sure if i can say it has made an overwhelming difference to water clarity. Very hard to judge as i have loaches in my tank which do stir up some detritus at times. and usually fairly clear water anyway.

I need to dose Protozin in this tank now and i have heard that Purigen will remove the medication from the water, effectivelly treating it like a toxin - does anyone know if this is true?
Found the answer on Seachems website (eventually) to this in their secton on medications. Apparently you can use Purigen whilst medicating as Purigen absorbs organic material only.[/i]
Sorry Steve. I could have sworn I replied to your question.

I have added some wood to my tank, that turned the bucket water to tea ,while it was soaking. The tank water has stayed crystal clear, but I dare say the Purigen will become exhausted in double quick time.