reccommendations for a budget dslr

Discussion in 'Photography' started by matt davidson, 7 Aug 2009.

  1. matt davidson

    matt davidson Newly Registered

    Hey all, finally decided its about time i got myself a decent camera after struggling with my ancient compact. Problem is I'm on a fairly tight budget. Theres no way I can afford any of the latest models, however basic they are. What I'm after is recommendations for nice entry level models that i'll be able to pick up on the cheap, or even used. Im pretty much in the dark when it comes to cameras, so any advice would be much appreciated


    *Edit: Oh, forgot to say it'l be used a fair bit for tank photography, as well as everyday stuff.
  2. Canon 350D. Couple years old, and can be picked up pretty cheap now. Or look at the Canon 1000D - New, but cheap

  3. matt davidson

    matt davidson Newly Registered

    cheers for the advice, look pretty nice.

    Also does anyone know any good websites for camera classified ads?

  4. Nick16

    Nick16 Member

    Surrey, UK
    try talk photography.
  5. afroturf

    afroturf Member

    I've just brought my first slr and got a 1000d, and would highly recommend it. Its probably the cheapest new slr out there with a bit of searching mainly e-bay you can find them for around £300. But you could get and better model second hand if you'd prefer.

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