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Recommendations for an accurate PH meter below £80


19 Jun 2012
Fareham, UK
It's nearly Christmas time and family are asking the difficult questions of what would I like for a present. Life would be easy if I could just reply, a new house, a couple of new expensive tanks, filters and lights. But I don't have family who are flush and generous.
So I will have to make do with socks and pants!!
However I was thinking of a PH meter to be a little more accurate that the solution based method.

Any suggestions for an accurate PH meter ideally under £50 that I can get in the UK?

Thanks in advance.
I've been watching this for a while:


They're meant to be excellent and very accurate, from a reputable brand.
Measures EC too, which is arguably more useful than TDS (which I think it measures too).
Yeah that's the one I've got, seems pretty good. Only issue is finding one in budget - I found a 'cheap' one (~£80) a couple of years ago but there don't seem to be any about now. There's a high likelihood of being stung for VAT + Import Duty + an £8 handling fee if ordering from the states. Plus you'll want a set of calibration and storage fluids.