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Red cherry failure


4 Dec 2012
Lake Garda Italy
I have tried a few times to introduce red cherry shrimp to my tank after a couple of days i find them dead with very white bodies.My 450l tank also contains about 30 amano shrimp and numerous smallish fish.Someone told me it was down to bullying by the amanos.Could it be they are not used to the level of co2 in the tank or the 2 hour aprox aclimatisation period i have them was not enough?Any thoughts guys as i would love some in my tank.Cheers mark
I have had similar issues.. Do you have some more info about your tank? This may help us determine an outcome buddy.. 🙂

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450l tank EI dosing temp 25,co2 via diffuser drop checker dark green lights on very light green lights off,Lit for 8 hours,WC every week 30procent.Have not checked water chemistry for a bit should i?But PH should be fluctuating between 7 and 6.4 kh 6 Cheers mark
Hi, did you acclimatise the shrimp with co2 off or on. at usually acclimatise shrimp well before co2 comes on so they can get used to it gradually. The amanos wouldn't of bothered the cherries.
I introduced them just as the co2 was coming on after having them floating in bag in tank for Aprox 2 hours adding tank water gradually to bag lights off all the time.The last time i tried to add cherries i added amanos also they are fine.Im going to try to drip water into a container holding my next cherries over maybe 6 to 8 hours and introduce them to a 20l nano.Co2 level is much lower this tank due to the plant demands what do you think.Thanks for the help cheers mark
Hi, I have had cherry losses after first introducing them. I realised after that I didn't acclimatise them properly. I got some yellow shrimp and acclimatised them using the drip method over about 3 hours. I never lost one using this method. If your tank water is very different from the water they have been in before you get them, you need to spend longer acclimatising them to the temperature and TDS of your water. Cheers
Thanks Matty if i can get some soon i will try the drip method over a period of hours and put them on their own in my 20l nano i will let you know Cheers mark
Have just added 5 cherry shrimp after 6 hour aprox aclimatisation lights off co2 off to 20l nano them are only livestock there.They were not good quality but ok for trial run.Cheers mark