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Reef Aquariums and Conservation


14 Oct 2013
Hi all. I have a favour to ask. I am a lecturer in Marine Conservation at Cornwall College in Newquay, UK, and am also a keen aquarist (freshwater and marine). One of my students is carrying out a research project to investigate whether keeping corals in home aquariums increases peoples’ knowledge of coral biology and conservation issues. The student has put together a short questionnaire that will hopefully be completed by both reef and freshwater aquarists, with the hope of identifying if keeping corals in home aquariums has wider benefits that may actually help and support coral reef conservation.

The link for the questionnaire is below; it should only take a few minutes to complete, and it is completely anonymous. The cut-off point for completion will be 22/03/21 at 22:00. This is designed to be a snapshot of peoples’ knowledge and views, so please do not look up the answers to the questions, but rather just give it your best shot.

Once all of the results are in, and the data analysed, I will post again with the findings.

Microsoft Forms

Many thanks

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